Kapu Planet

Year 2015 Kapu Team in Helsinki invited me to develop this game project together. I worked remotely as their freelance game artist and animator. This is a mini game for kids 2-4 years old to discover our beautiful planet.Kapu Planet contains 8 minigames where you can meet different animals in different part of the world. Kids can also learn what each animal looks like, where they live, and what they eat.

This mission included all visual content, UI design, Concept development, Animation and implementing assets to Unity. The customer received high ratings from their users and PapparsAppar, Milk, etc
︎ My Role: 
Visual designer & Artist

I use  visual storytelling as the main method, worked a lot with "Graphic cues" in this interactive 2D game. The design focuses on the means of communication -- body language expression including facial expression (non-verbal).

Kapu Planet is full of brightly colored graphics and fun sound effects that really make this app come to life. The developers have done a great job creating an easy to use interface that is great for children of all ages. They have also included a free-play environment that allows players to explore and interact with the various mini-games in their own time. Overall, this app is very well done.” - www.bestappsforkids.com

“simple to use / attractive graphics / ergonomic / entertaining / nicely sounded” - Super Julie